"We won't be able to preserve each stone" - said Bertram Jenisch from the department of preservation of monuments.

The local newpaper "Badische Zeitung" writes:

"Remains of the old synagogue found in Freiburg. Surprise at Freiburgs centralest construction site: In the "Square of the old Synagogue" building workers stumled upon remains of the house of prayer. Experts did not expect that!

We demand: Instead of building a nameless square, we demand the reconstruction of the ancient synagogue in situ! At least, we claim unearthing and conservation of the foundation walls of the ancient synagogue and its sustainment as a memorial place and a signal against racism and fascism!


The history of Freiburg im Breisgau in view of the Reichskristallnacht on 9 November, 1938, in which the synagogue (inaugurated on 23rd September 1870) has fallen victim to fire-rising by the national-socialists, is, in my view and many others, insufficiently represented in Freiburgs cityscape.

Anti-Semitism,, racism, national.socialism have to be fought even today. Therefor, we are in need central memorials and no memorials outside city centres! A good example is set by the Jewish Museum Berlin and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe!

History of the Jews in Freibug www.alemannia-judaica.de/freiburg_synagoge_a.htm

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