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Reliable local transport on the RB 26

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Ministerium für Infrastruktur und Landesplanung des Landes Brandenburg
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ONLINE PETITION to Guido Beermann, Brandenburg Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Planning

Since the federal government has not included the RB 26 in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan, we - the Initiative for Reliable Local Transport on the RB26 as well as all supporters - call on you, Mr. Guido Beermann, Minister of Transport, that the state of Brandenburg pays in advance and invests in our RB 26 line.

We demand:

  • Double-track extension and electrification on the entire line to ensure punctuality and reliability.
  • At least hourly stops at all stations
  • Replacement of the Pesa Link railcars with fully functional trains as soon as possible.
  • 50% increase in seating capacity at peak times as soon as possible
  • Rail replacement services as required in the event of train cancellations due to construction work


We need reliable local transport!

The RB26 is the most important lifeline for East Brandenburg because it connects the region to the capital Berlin and thus enables commuting to work in both directions. We people from the region depend on the RB26 as a means of transport to work.

In addition, it also links people and regions across national borders all the way to Poland. Participation in society and culture is only possible for the people in our region with a reliable RB26.

The expansion of the infrastructure must finally be adapted to the actual importance of the line.

Thank you for your support, Kati Häfner from Berlin
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