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Reverse the driving licence trap of the #StVO amendment

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On Tuesday, 28 April 2020, the StVO amendment came into force. Violations of the new road traffic regulations will then be subject to penalties and fines, some of which are completely excessive. Speeding offences in particular will be drastically punished in future. And even minor speeding offences could result in the revocation of driving licences. This could cost up to 2 million driving licences a year in Germany. This must be prevented.

From now on, driving bans can be imposed for a speeding offence of 21 km/h in built-up areas and 26 km/h outside built-up areas or on the motorway.

Previously, this was 31 km/h and 40 km/h. An additional point in Flensburg will also be imposed earlier when the amendment comes into force. Namely, from a speeding offence of 21 km/h. In these times of crisis, which are supposed to stand for solidarity and community, of all things, motorists are being downright harassed with the new StVO regulations.

The increase of all fines, especially those for even the smallest speeding offences, is not only excessive, but also sends absolutely the wrong signals.

It is precisely in times like these that solidarity and cohesion in society are needed. Moreover, it should be noted that there have never been so few traffic fatalities as in 2019, and this has been the case since the statistics came into existence, i.e. for 60 years. There is therefore no need at all to punish motorists excessively here. We have good cars, good drivers, good roads and motorways in Germany.

We therefore call on the Federal Council to change this completely excessive StVO regulation and to abolish this "driving licence trap".


Thank you for your support, Sebastian Mallach from Preußisch Oldendorf
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