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Image of the petition Seebrücke Jena calls the city to finally take action!

Seebrücke Jena calls the city to finally take action!

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Oberbürgermeister Dr. Thomas Nitzsche und den Jenaer Stadtrat
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Seebrücke Jena symbolically hands over the orange boat to the Mayor Thomas Nitzsche and the city council. The boat was built during the action week in October.

Calling itself “Sicherer Hafen”, the city of Jena shall declare itself willing to immediately accept refugees from the initial reception institution in Suhl and to accommodate them decentrally in times of the pandemic.

In addition, we demand that Jena's foreigners authority approves the deportation bans.

The city of Jena should face up to its responsibility as “Sicherer Hafen”. It should stand up for humane accommodation and safe residence perspectives and should work against deportations within the scope of its possibilities.

Do you also think that the inhumane situation in the initial reception institutions should be ended and that the city of Jena should support this according to its possibilities? Then sign our open letter to the Mayor. (letter below)

Thank you to all supporters!

Seebrücke Jena


Dear Mayor Dr. Thomas Nitzsche, dear members of the city council,

for most of the refugees, the current pandemic poses an even greater threat, as hygiene standards and medical care in the shelters, not only at the EU external borders, but also in Thuringia, cannot be guaranteed.

Already in April 2019, the city of Jena declared its commitment to be a "Sicherer Hafen". We know that the city has the necessary capacities and possibilities to accommodate refugees. It is therefore time for you and the city council to act in accordance with your responsibility and take in people from initial reception facilities instead of ensuring that the at least halfway decent accommodation facilities are gradually dismantled.

The unacceptable conditions in the primary care facility in Eisenberg have been remembered by us all and no one should ever have to experience them again. Individual accommodations or the accommodation of families in rented apartments or hotels are always preferable to mass quarantine in view of possible quarantine measures. More camp accommodation and mass isolation, as it was the case in the initial reception institution in Suhl, may never be the solution.

With a current view of the corona situation and the medical care in countries of origin, deportation bans can be examined favourably and discretionary decisions for humanitarian reasons can be issued. Thus, the responsible authorities in Jena have the necessary means to enable access to secure rights of residence. Therefore, we demand:

  • the city of Jena, the Lord Mayor and the migration management to immediately accept people from the initial reception facility in Suhl!

  • the city of Jena to provide decentralized accommodation for people seeking protection during the pandemic!

  • the Foreigners Authority of Jena to examine the prerequisites in a benevolent manner and to use all scope for action to grant safe rights of residence for all refugees who are obliged to leave the country!

Provide for the safe accommodation of fugitives while respecting human rights in this difficult time for all of us!

Seebrücke Jena and all supporters

Thank you for your support, Seebrücke Jena from Jena
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