Smart Deli is an institution - a japanese restaurant that is way more than a restaurant. A forward thinking hub and eco-friendly institution. Smart Deli came to Berlin in 2005 and quickly became one of the most beloved places for friends from all around the world. Moving to Chausseestrasse in the Mitte District, the restaurant grew to cater to more guests and turned into a much appreciated colorful place in what would soon become an increasingly dreary and gentrified part of Berlin. Now in 2015, despite being good and professional tenants, MMende Hausverwaltung will not renew Smart Deli's contract and wants them to leave by January 2016... without stating any reasons. This would mean stripping Berlin Mitte of one of its most colorful and independent places and surrendering to a reality that consists of grey, nondescript and corporate enterprises.


Smart Deli is active in ecological matters and green issues for around ten years now. Their service and positive outlook is mirrored by the colorful exterior of the restaurant: pink walls, funny cartoon characters, imaginative designs loved by young and old. Losing this vibrant and colorful member of the Chausseestrasse community would be a heavy loss. Say YES to diversity and help preserve Smart Deli!

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