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Dear openpetition-user,


I try to collect signatures to stop the deportation of my friend Sedia from the Gambia. Therefore, we (Friends, colleagues, neighbours) try to gather as much supporters as possible for our application at the hard case commission. So please read the description down below and support us 😊


Sedia came with refugee background to Germany. After his application was denied he tried to appeal the decision. Unfortunately, it failed. Now the authorities want to deport him. The authorities have a passport of him, and he could be deported any time soon. We must stop this! Sedia is a young, friendly, and humble person. He comes along with everyone and is always willing to help. Now he is working in an aged care facility of AWO. His colleagues and the inhabitants really like him there and took him in their heart. In September he is going to start an apprenticeship as geriatric nurse. He already has his contract. So, he is going to learn a job which is highly demanded in this country, contributes to the wellbeing of society and which enables him to be financially independent in the long run. His application for a tolerated stay based for vocational training got rejected. He made a lot of friends in the small village close to Stuttgart in which he´s living. From the town leader to the people in the neighbourhood, everyone likes him. If you know him, you just have to 😊


Therefore, I really ask you to support this petition. If Sedia will be deported someone leaves the country who has a lot of friends here, can contribute to the society and has his heart at the right place!

Thank you for your support, Joel Lambert from Althütte
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