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TENERIFE - Legalize Singletracks for MTB


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The Goal of this petition: A change of law, so that mountain biking is allowed on all Tracks on Tenerife and on the Canary Islands


To legalize mountain biking on small attractive tracks in all zones of the Canary Islands, there has to modification of the nature protection laws. Right now, the law allows cycling only on “boring” wide backroads.

In Tenerife there are around 2000 kilometers of small singletracks (senderos). Even if not all of them will be legalized for mountainbikeres, there are still enough of them for all users.

The government of Tenerife plans a mountain biking project, where old backroads will be reconditioned for biking. But not only will that take a lot of money, but also it will take years till Tenerife has an areas-wide trailnet. So it will be far easier, faster and cheaper, when the tracks, who are already there would be legalized.

Singletracks are the essential ingredient of a Mountainbike destination, without them the local riders will have to ride most of the time on illegal tracks and the Mountainbike tourist won’t come anymore.

Thank you for your support!

In the name of all signers.

Puerto de la Cruz, Spain, 16 Jul 2015 (aktiv bis 15 Sep 2015)

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