Statistics about the petition

The statistical charts are generated and updated every 2 hours.

Localisation of signatures, interactive

Tobi Werners Trikotnummer 13 soll nicht mehr vergeben werden

The numbers on this page can deviate from the counter on the main page because this page still uses an imprecise method for the geographical mapping of the signatures.

Federal state / provinceNumber of supporters
Rural district / urban municipality / region / urban districtNumber of supporters
Landkreis Augsburg48
Landkreis Aichach-Friedberg8
Landkreis Unterallgäu3
Kreis Lippe2
Landkreis Landsberg am Lech2
Mülheim an der Ruhr1
Landkreis Neuwied1
Landkreis Würzburg1
Landkreis Germersheim1
Landkreis Donau-Ries1
Landkreis Göppingen1
Landkreis Neuburg-Schrobenhausen1
Landkreis Dillingen an der Donau1
Landkreis München1
Landkreis Rosenheim1
Landkreis Ostallgäu1
Landkreis Oberallgäu1

Signatures by ZIP code

Each point represents signatures within a ZIP code region. The bigger the point, the more signatures in this area. Signatures in a city with several ZIP codes are not added city-wide. The top 5 areas are highlighted.

Distribution of singatures in Germany