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Planetary Tax To Replace Vat. Environmental Tax For Each Product

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at 29 Mar 2021 10:43

An addition to avoid the planetary tax being misunderstood as an additional tax.

Neuer Titel: PLANETARYPlanetary TAXTax TOTo REPLACEReplace VAT.Vat. ENVIRONMENTALEnvironmental TAXTax FORFor EACHEach PRODUCTProduct

Neuer Petitionstext:

The fact that our planet is suffering seems obvious to more and more people – and rightfully so. Any individual actions, such as certain political decisions (coal phase-out) or choices of individual citizens like 'cycling instead of traveling by car', are an important contribution to environmental protection, but remain a drop in the ocean. We will not achieve the necessary turn to save the planet if politics makes only half-hearted decisions and each of us perceives this issue but does not implement decisive steps in their daily life. We need a simple and uniform incentive system.

With a single political decision, everything can be changed. Both the entire industry and every single citizen can be persuaded to make a decisive contribution to the protection of the planet.

Scientists are certainly able to calculate to what extent a product (a product group or service) harms or helps the planet (the environment). For this, all raw materials and components as well as energy consumption and other environmental impacting factors must be taken into account. From that point, a certain tax class can be determined by the harmfulness of a product. I bet that as soon as this kind of tax is introduced,introduced (as a replacement for the current VAT), all companies will immediately deal with environmental protection.

Since almost all companies are in competition and are in particular constantly striving for profit optimization, they will of course contribute to the protection of the planet without any further regulation. This happens simply because an environmental tax influences their profit calculations. Also, each of us will automatically and naturally contribute to the protection of the planet through a new price structure created by the environmental tax. If an environmentally harmful product is much more expensive than an environmentally friendly product, we will automatically pay attention to it while shopping. Services that are designed to protect the environment would also automatically be cheaper. They could even be funded by the environmental tax. This is “Sustainability made easy”!

The whole thing is paid "by itself" - through a new planetary tax. This new tax should simply replace today's non-environmental tax called VAT.

Sounds radical? It’s not! The existing main market economy mechanisms remain in force, only the direction is reshaped. The income through the new tax can be calculated to deliver the same money value as the current income from VAT does. The new tax will not change the tax revenue - only the tax key. At the beginning, this change requires a certain amount of effort - the new tax brackets have to be calculated but(!) it would change our world immediately and permanently giving the entire market economy a completely new direction. This new market economy will be environmentally friendly and will not impact people’s wealth – it will rather save it. 

The Goal:

The aim of this petition is to ensure that the Federal Government and the Bundestag join their forces, hire an appropriate group of scientists and take further binding steps to convert today's VAT into an environmental planetary tax.

So, let’s start now! We have to flip the switch! 

If we find enough supporters to sign this petition, the politicians cannot refuse this simple and effective idea.

Unterschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Änderung: 82 (82 in Deutschland)

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