• Änderungen an der Petition

    22.09.2013 17:59 Uhr

    Englischen Text korrigiert.
    Neuer Petitionstext: Wishes for the upcoming German Blu-ray release „The Good, the Bad and the Ugly“ (1966) in English (summary):

    1) optional alternative German TV-dubbing from the state channel ARD in correct pitch (continuous original dubbing plus ARD-dubbing for extended scenes, which wasn’t were not in the theatrical version). Some scenes were re-dubbed by MGM, althought they although there exists a an original dubbing.

    For example: The complete dialog between Tuco and Blondie during the cavalry scene on the MGM DVD was re-dubbed, although he it was original dubbed in the theatrical version and the TV-dubbing (German PAL MGM Gold Edition DVD at 86:32 - 87:21 min.)

    For the Blu-ray they there must be the complete original dubbing plus ARD re-dubbing for extended scenes which wasn’t was not included in the theatrical version (better voice actors than the MGM re-dubbing).

    2) correct pitch for German-dubbed versions
    3) no DNR
    4) extended Tuco torture scene in HD (for the first time in the movie)
    5) optional Director’s Cut (without “The Grotto” scene) via seamless branching
    6) optional original German and English mono tracks

    7) This dialog between Tuco and Blondie was original dubbed in the German theatrical trailer, but never in the movie: “But since I’m alive and I’ve noticed we’ll be crossing enemy lines a few times, I thought you might tell me where we’re going.” “Towards 200,000 dollars. Is that good enough for you?” (German PAL MGM Gold Edition DVD at 86:14 - 86:25 min.)

    This was re-dubbed by MGM for the DVD and by ARD (with other and better voice actors).

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