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72/5000 Boycott and warnings about Brazilian products in the BIO COMPANY

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Brazilian products should be removed from the BIO COMPANY catalog. Until then, they should be clearly marked so that the consumer can make a purchase decision.


At this moment the rainforest in Brazil is burning to make room for agriculture, supported and covered by politics and presidents. NGOs are expelled from the country. The clearing increased by 280% this year and the fires by 70%.

In the boycott of Brazilian products, we can set an example and make politics rethink. Yet they still think they are immune (, but maybe we move something together? Maybe we are not powerless and helpless against the further destruction of our planet?

Businesses and our policies need to help consumers make better, more sustainable consumer choices - who has the time and inclination to look at each product, whether it's Brazilian soya, chocolate, palm oil or whatever !?

Thank you for your support, Guillermo Liss from Berlin
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