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Climatechange education training for city assembly HH // Kurs auf Klimafakten

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We demand that the 2020 newly constituted city assembly Hamburg promptly convoke a mandatory course for all representives (min. 90 minutes), where the scientific conscencus based on the IPCC reports* for political policymakers will be presented by experts on the topic.

The talk is explicitly not a discussion about appropriate measures in politics.

The dissemination of facts is the only goal of this event.

*IPCC= "The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is an intergovernmental body of the United Nations that is dedicated to providing the world with objective, scientific information relevant to understanding the scientific basis of the risk of human-induced climate change, its natural, political, and economic impacts and risks, and possible response options." [Source: Wikipedia]


We are in the middle of a climate crisis which will affect each and everyone of us. Our policymakers should have a solid knowledge base about climate change to be able to make sustainable decisions. No matter which division the policymakers are working in, climate change is an overall scope of duties for them.

Members of city assembly Hamburg have a lot tasks and commitments, they represent us on top on their normal jobs. Personal conversations show that few of them have read all thr reports and have a deeper understanding in the topic. The IPCC Reports seem to be too complex. This event will give them the most important facts presented in an informative way so they can estimate the urgency for conrete actions in their division. #KursAufKlimafakten

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  • Liebe UnterzeichnerInnen,

    am 24.06.2020 habe ich für euch alle die Petition als Eingabe an die Hamburger Bürgerschaft eingereicht. Ihr erinnert euch: Es ging darum eine IPCC Pflichtfortbildung für die gesamte Hamburger Bürgerschaft zu erreichen.

    Heute kam nach mehreren Rückfragen meinerseits endlich die Antwort von Frau Wiedemann, der Vorsitzenden des Eingabenausschusses. Ich zitiere hier Abschnitte aus dem Brief:

    "Als Vorsitzende des Eingabenausschusses teile ich Ihnen mit, dass der Eingabenausschuss Ihr Anliegen in seiner Sitzung am 19.01.2021 eingehend beraten hat; er hat der Bürgerschaft aufgrund dieser Beratung empfohlen, Ihre Eingabe für "nicht abhilfefähig" zu erklären, weil Ihrem Begehren nach Sach- und Rechtslage nicht entsprochen... further

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