Get rid of the regular male* bathing staff in the ladies' bath Freiburg!

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1,000 supporters 432 in Freiburg im Breisgau

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1,000 supporters 432 in Freiburg im Breisgau

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The new regulation of using regular male supervisory staff in the Loretto women 's bath introduces the "ladies' bath" ad absurdum. Not only does it exclude many Muslim women, but also women who want a more protected framework due to their experiences of violence, or who want to take a break away from everyday glances and overlaps.

To believe and to clarify, to provide peace and security in the ladies' bath only through the presence and supervision of male * staff is deeply reactionary and sexist. The unsightly clashes last season, as well as the overfilling and volume of the bath can also be solved differently:

  • inlet stop
  • Age limitation
  • consistent house bans in case of violation of the rules
  • day-by-day admission only for women * from Freiburg and surroundings etc.

We are calling on the city of Freiburg, as well as the Regio Bäder GmbH, to react in time for this season and to abolish the currently regularly mixed / male supervisory staff. Instead we demand better rules and as before: Regular female * bathing supervision, as well as an info on the corresponding days with male * supervision.


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Who made the irrational generalize sexist and racist rule that only almost naked women/men can enjoy swimming in the pool or at sea; or that being almost naked in the pool/at the beach/in the sea is hygenic?! So Muslim women/children or even any conservative or traditional people, who prefer to be modest are beng denied their basic human rights! By the way, these almost naked people can enjoy swimming almost naked anywhere the world, including in Muslim countries; and yet they want to deny that same enjoyment and human rights to modest Muslim women/men/children in the West? What bigots!

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