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Leave the Golf IV as a memorial!

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Lord Mayor Peter Boch
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We want the dark blue Golf IV at the Pforzheim-Ost freeway-service-station to be preserved as a memorial for all drivers of the world. It must not be towed away and must be preserved for posterity.


This place of rest and relaxation should be preserved as a memorial for motorists. There you can find strength to continue on the road.

Thank you for your support, CyberLife_RK800 from Berlin
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The golf course could attract tourists and media and create positive publicity for Pforzheim and the surrounding area. New job opportunities such as a bratwurst stand with postcard sales, etc. could arise dadruch. This pleases not only the pilgrims but also the general visitors to the parking lot.

The Golf will rot over the years, allowing toxic pollutants to enter the groundwater.

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