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New Grammar School for Gallus, Europaviertel, Gutleutviertel, Rebstock, Nied, Griesheim, Bockenheim


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Dear fellow Frankfurters,

there has been a lot of news recently about the new grammar school (Gymnasium) originally planned for Nied now being relocated to Campus Westend. So the question arises what about Europaviertel and surroundings?
Here some facts: new residential areas with many families have sprung up in recent years in Frankfurt-West. In addition to Europaviertel I can think of Rebstocl and City-West, not to mention the traditional suburbs Gallus and Bockenheim, where there is unfortunately no grammar school either.
For this reason we see a huge demand for a new grammar school in the west of Frankfurt.
If you want to support this petition, please sign on the page here and we will collect the signatures and hand them in to the Schulamt Frankfurt.


If you like us are residents of Europaviertel or surroundings and you see the need for a new grammar school, please lend us your signature and inform others of this petition.

One possibility would be to use the plot next to the Ibis Hotel, Rebstock. This is currently being used as a carpark for visitors to the Exhibition Centre (Messe). This would be an ideal location because it is well connected via bus and tram and is near to the motorway. It is also part of the green belt of Frankfurt and can be easily reached by children from Gallus, Europaviertel and Rebstock.

In any case, the number of residents in Europaviertel and surroundings and with it the number of children will increase and the need for new schools in this area is obvious.

Best regards


In the name of all signers.

Frankfurt am Main, 31 Dec 2015 (aktiv bis 30 Jun 2016)


Liebe Unterstützer/innen der Petition Gymnasium West, heute haben wir den Meilenstein von 2000 Unterschriften erreicht. Ein großer Erflog wie ich finde.Das wird unserer Petition sicherlich Nachdruck verleihen, wenn wir uns demnächst wieder mit dem Staatlichen ...

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