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No zoom at the University of Hildesheim

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By signing this petition, I ask the President, the lecturers and the computer centre of the University of Hildesheim

  • To remove the web conference system "Zoom" from lists of usable or recommendable software on the university's web pages.
  • To inform the lecturers of the University of Hildesheim that Zoom is generally not suitable software for web conferences.
  • To inform the lecturers of the University of Hildesheim that it is strongly advised not to use Zoom in teaching.
  • To educate lecturers and students alike, not only now and in the coming weeks and months, that the choice of tools used for communication has far-reaching implications for participation opportunities. Therefore, particular care must be taken in deciding which technologies to use.
  • That the university is counteracting the technological inability and influence of covertly operating companies, such as Facebook and Google, by placing greater emphasis on technological training and understanding.


The reasons for mentioned claims are presented in an open letter. The letter is here:

Thank you for your support, Moritz Hüper from Hildesheim
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