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Bild zur Petition mit dem Thema: Only 5 days to save the lives of over 500  old Trees and all plants & animals ( Erlangen 91052) Only 5 days to save the lives of over 500 old Trees and all plants & animals ( Erlangen 91052)
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Only 5 days to save the lives of over 500 old Trees and all plants & animals ( Erlangen 91052)


Deutsche Petition

We want:


  • Save all lives of more than 500 Trees , plants & animals .in Erlangen
  • No single insect is allowed to be killed . no home of animals are destroyed.
  • Old people stay in their homes , no new houses here! Leave it as it is!
  • Old Oak (90 years) and other Trees and the natural environment Rathenau and here Nürnberger Street ,( 91052 Erlangen) must be protected

  • A green city for children and their children s , children for the future leave it like it is !

  • Very important never touch a running system! Nature and humans live peaceful together here and care about each other!! Some life here 40-50 years together with the birds and old trees! Some told us the deers are coming to their houses in the middle of a city!



1 SIEMENS was building in 1954 a very special WAY ! This is great and should never be changed. Nature and Architecture together with lot of space . It is unique ecological System in the middle of the City! You can' t find this somewhere outside with more nature value!! 2 No more houses to destroy social structures in this area - our grandmothers and kids need this place with all old trees and space - like it is now!! 3 This is ONLY Place we can sit and walk our dogs in great silence ! Very special place to relax & breath - take a break from our bussy working life!! 4 This year they destroyed more nature in Erlangen than the last 20 years! STOP THIS! 5 Global Warming starts here, please sign the petition all over the world because we are all connected!! 6 you can 't make a social structure it is build over many many years, but you can destroy it easy only seeing short term profit - money making for somebody not living here! 7 please sign and translate it into your language and share with friends! Thank you!

Im Namen aller Unterzeichner/innen.

Nürnberg, 12.01.2017 (aktiv bis 14.01.2017)

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