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Bild zur Petition mit dem Thema: Preserving old cemetery in Kobylanka Preserving old cemetery in Kobylanka
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  • An: Wójt Mirosław Przysiwek
  • Region: Gmina Kobylanka, West ...
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Preserving old cemetery in Kobylanka


Deutsche Petition | Polska petycja

The inhabitants of Kobylanka in West Pomerania/Poland (German: Kublank in the former district of Greifenhagen) are protesting against the plans of the community to dismantle the former German cemetery, which still contains many cast-iron-crosses and grave borders, exhuming the Polish dead, and changing the area to a public park.

The most recent recordings on wikipedia are from 2014:

On the website of the municipality, the uniqueness of the ensemble is praised as a tourist attraction with 80 cast-iron crosses and 6 complete cast-iron fences, with 6 gravestone blocks and 3 crosses of children's graves and 8 gravestones of children.

On you can see older details of the cemetery.

The protests for the preservation of the historic cemetery are to be supported. The cemetery is to be left and maintained.


On the part of the municipality, it is now also claimed that there was never a German cemetery. But the measuring table shows the corresponding symbols. Source:

The old cemetery is a valuable historical cultural property for the German minority of Poland as well as for the Polish inhabitants. The Polish state protects cemeteries of minorities. On behalf of all signatories.

Im Namen aller Unterzeichner/innen.

Zürich, Schweiz, 25.10.2017 (aktiv bis 11.11.2017)


The protocol of the Westpomeranian Monuments Preservation Council has been published - it's in Polish and the link is here: It describes the meeting of ...

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