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Pro Niddastrand and the educational and children's farm in Frankfurt-Nied!

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Jan Schneider (Stadtrat Bau) und Mike Josef (Stadtrat (Planung)
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The signatories of the petition support the following two requests addressed to the Magistrate of Frankfurt am Main:

(1) The establishment of a children’s/educational farm including therapeutic horse riding and

(2) Retention of the Nidda Beach (Niddastrand) on the land of the Georgshof in the district of Frankfurt-Nied.


WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? As part of the “Social Town Nied” (supported by the government initiative “Social Towns”) the bar at the Nidda Beach, Georgshof, was named more often than any other as being worth retaining for Frankfurt-Nied! The relevant council body (Ortsbeirat 6) was unanimous in its decision to purchase the Georgshof and this purchase has now been completed. It has now been decided, however, not to establish an educational farm and to close the Nidda Beach facility.

Nied is a fragmented district without any secondary schools. The educational farm would offer numerous development opportunities, eg the establishment of a learning centre. It would be possible to cooperate with nursery schools and primary schools, which would create a powerful educational character for the area as well as helping to establish a strong identity for Nied.

In the past Nied has been labelled sleepy, lacking any cultural benefits. The Nidda Beach is one of the few opportunities in the district to meet up and enjoy refreshments open air. It is vital that this is not lost to the inhabitants.

Thank you for your support, Frank Rusko from Frankfurt
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