After the devastating fire on May 25th in 2018 in theme park "Europapark" there were big loses to record. Besides the thematic areas "Scandinavia" and "Holland" the dearly loved attraction "Pirates in Batavia" fell victim to the flames. Reconstructing this special ride is a wish of countless visitors, friends and supporters.

Herewith we want to show the owners of "Europapark" our solidarity and sympathy.


A lot of people link childhood memories to this attraction. It's not always about constructing rides which are higher, louder and faster. Sometimes an attraction in a theme park needs to be about something you can discover with the entire family. "Pirates in Batavia" were a centre piece of the theme park. It was an attraction of quiteness and discovery with all senses.

We eagerly and warmly ask for your support to rebuild the "Pirates in Batavia"

Sincerly, your Andreas Wagner

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung, Andreas Wagner aus Pfaffenweiler
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