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Stop exaggerated exam regulations at Dutch universities!


Today, on December 10th 2013, the School of Business and Economics, a faculty being part of Maastricht University imparted new rules and regulations concerning the examinations and its procedure(s). Those rules mark a clear regression in the University's culture and therefore has to be stopped immediately.


This University is partly paid-for by its students; the annual tuition fees are about EUR 1.850 for european students, EUR 8.500 for foreign students and EUR 13.000 to EUR 14.000 for a masters' program. (Source: goo.gl/KplG5b)

Obviously, the School of Business and Economics does not know how to spent this money in a useful way:
it plans to conduct "a pilot during the examinations which will take place on 24 January 2014. Equipment will be used to detect the use of smartphones and other electronic devices in- [and outside of] the toilets." (Source: goo.gl/wBwhs2)

Moreover, the University has strictly determined rules for complaints and appeals concerning exam questions or exam results of individual students. (Source: goo.gl/ZBOKlZ) To make use of those rules was necessary during the last years: every exam (usually containing 100 multiple-choice questions) surely had a couple of wrong, misstated or unclear questions. To formulate such a complaint (i.e. indicating a University's mistake), one had to phrase very precisely. A direct quotation and citation of the corresponding question was indispensable necessary for a successful complaint.

However, the new rules and regulations state, that "All examination documentation must be returned to the invigilators when finished and cannot leave the examination hall." (Source: goo.gl/wBwhs2). This prohibits and prevents complaints in the bud. Moreover, it is not even rudimentarily clear, why this should "prevent fraud" during exams.

Those rules mark a clear regression in the University's culture and therefore has to be stopped immediately.

In the name of all signers.

Maastricht, 10 Dec 2013 (aktiv bis 09 Feb 2014)

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