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Stop the cutbacks of the Canton of Schaffhausen Archaeology Department

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The recent austerity measures ESH4 (EP2014) adopted by the government propose that the annual budget of the Canton of Schaffhausen Archaeology Department be halved until the year 2018. Permanent positions will be reduced by more than 70% and temporary annual contracts will not be renewed. This will ultimately impede the ability of the canton to meet its statutory duty to protect and preserve the rich archaeological heritage of Schaffhausen.

In the future, the cultural legacies of regional, national and international importance could be surrendered to destruction, decay and illegal excavations pot-hunting. Many communities will turn into archaeological no man's land because the Canton of Schaffhausen Archaeology Department will no longer be able to provide its service. Massive delays in construction projects will become inevitable.

We, the undersigned, demand the Government,

  • to revise its decision and to abandon the intended budget and staff cuts in ESH4 regarding the Canton of Schaffhausen Archaeology Department

  • to acknowledge the origins and history of Schaffhausen and assume the responsibilities for the cultural heritage of the Canton of Schaffhausen.


The canton of Schaffhausen has a rich cultural heritage that is far from being exhausted. Our ancestors who built this country, deserve our respect and that their memory is preserved for future generations.

Thank you for your support

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  • Liebe Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer der Kantonsarchäologie Schaffhausen

    Die Gesellschaft für Archäologie im Kanton Schaffhausen Pro Iuliomago lancierte am 17. Januar 2015 die Petition „Stopp dem Kahlschlag bei der Kantonsarchäologie Schaffhausen“, um sich gegen die vom Schaffhauser Regierungsrat im Rahmen des Sparpakets EP2014 (ESH4) beschlossenen Sparmassnahmen bei der Kantonsarchäologie zu wehren. Es kamen bis zum Stichtag 31. März 2015 weit mehr als 3‘500 Unterschriften aus Schaffhausen, der Schweiz und dem nahen und fernen Ausland zusammen. Die Auszählung ist momentan noch im Gange. Die hohe Anzahl an Unterschriften ist eine grosse Freude – für Eure Unterstützung sei an dieser Stelle ganz herzlich gedankt.

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