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Continuous cycle path on the Prenzlauer Promenade towards the north

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We demand a cycle path on the Prenzlauer Promenade towards the north. The current cycle path ends at the Prenzlauer Promenade / Am Steinberg intersection. After the intersection cyclists must ride on the road. The road has two car lanes heading north. We demand that the two wide lanes from the intersection of Prenzlauer Promenade / Am Steinberg to the intersection of Prenzlauer Promenade / Treskowstraße be narrowed and that a cycle path be added. From the intersection of Prenzlauer Promenade / Treskowstraße to Prenzlauer Promenade / Rothenbachstraße we demand a cycle path, that can be added as follows. Either a wider two-way cycle path on the other side, which is clearly marked for car drivers. For this purpose, parking slots can be converted into the cycle path. Or, as recommended by the ADFC, a bike path in the middle of the street. After the intersection of Prenzlauer Promenade / Rothenbachstrasse, the cycle path should continue on the existing sidewalk / cycle path.


It is very dangerous for cyclists to drive on the busy main road. Even trucks hardly keep distance to cyclists. The bike path on the other side of the street is too narrow for cyclists in either direction and there have been several accidents. Any proposed solution is significantly more secure than the current situation.

Thank you for your support, Nadja Häcker from Berlin
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on 09 Nov 2021

Because investing into green modes of transport is essential for sustainable growth.

on 09 Nov 2021

Because biking everywhere in the world is important. Bikes are simply the best human invention there exists!

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