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Development of an industrial and commercial estate in the Vechta area “Stukenborg”

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Dear All! We, the Interest Group Stukenborg, would like to welcome everybody and invite you to read and sign our petition to the City of Vechta administration in which we intend to propose the following project for sports and recreation. It is a project that will contribute to a high quality of life, the preservation of health, to the future of our children and thus to our individual and collective happiness and and well-being in Vechta. Our proposal is aimed at creating a project which offers a space for meeting, communication and integration/inclusion. Development of a sports and leisure area immediately adjacent to the new residential areas in the west of Vechta, forming a green belt around the city with traffic-reduced zones Open spaces with an active as well as a recreational atmosphere Jogging, cycling and hiking as well as pedestrian paths Outdoor climbing facilities for adults and children with several playground facilities Construction of an open air obstacle course for the new trend sport parcouring Indoor facilities for sports enthusiasts Innovative and contemporary urban planning integrating commercial, transport, residential and green zones

We cordially invite everybody to submit his or her own requests and conceptions to the following website: or/and to Professor Dr. Kähler, sports scientist and project manager for “Vechta als Sportstadt”: We do not agree with the city´s plan of building a more than 100 hectares large commercial and industrial area on Stukenborg (see Bebauungsplan Nr 150 “Gewerbe- und Industriegebiet Stukenborg-West). This area is used by many citizens of all ages from Vechta and its surroundings for recreational and health-promoting measures, such as: Nordic walking, cycling, jogging, inline skating, cultivating traditions (bonfire on Easter Saturday, outings and trips on May1st, Whitsun, Ascension). We are calling for urban planning procedures oriented at the people and citizens, and at a transparent, quick and open communication during the planning phase instead of “post-factum” strategies. We also demand the disclosure of the expert reports on noise emission and fine dust pollution as well as an assessment concerning the fauna of that area. Apart from that we are calling for a comprehensive urban development concept with respect to the right balance between residential / commercial areas and green spaces. Besides, it seems rather strange to us that the formerly published plans have disappeared from the homepage of the city of Vechta. In this context it might also be interesting to read about how NABU sharply criticizes the high consumption of space. (see: Our basic request to the municipal administration is to use this area to establish a unique sports and recreational facility, which would certainly contribute to the popularity and the high profile of our city of Vechta and beyond. Furthermore, local tourism would increase and make Vechta even more attractive.


We cannot understand why the municipal administration is about to throw away our chances of leading a happy and healthy life by establishing such a huge industrial area in the direct vicinity of residential areas that have only been developed in recent years. For the majority of families these green spaces provide the only nearby possibilities for relaxation, recreation and stress reduction by outdoor activities. We are quite disappointed that, despite our continuing efforts, there has hardly been any public participation in the planning of this commercial and industrial area. In detail: The area concerned covers the space between Falkenrotter Straße, B69 and the region “Stukenborg”, behind the Rasta Dome (see picture). Many paths running through these fields are actively used by many citizens. In this respect, this has already become our sports and nearby recreation area. However, the problem is that these facilities will not be available any more if this area is destroyed by building an industrial zone, a plan we intend to prevent. Many truly concerned residents who oppose this plan have joined our citizens´ initiative. The consequences of a decision in favour of an industrial area will be disastrous, as we will not only lose our recreation facilities but will have to endure a considerable increase in traffic through commuting and heavy trucks and finally noise emission and fine dust pollution. NABU, the federal and federal state governments ask communes to reduce excessive land usage. Vechta, in that respect, is one of the cities that sadly occupy a first place. It is self-evident that trade and industry are necessary, that jobs will have to be generated. However, specific concepts should be established, concepts that will achieve a balance between different interests. Demograpically, Vechta is considered to be Type 6 municipality (see: Wegweiser Kommunen, Bertelsmannstiftung). According to that, any land usage will not only lead to a “quantitative loss of open spaces and agricultural areas, but will also have negative consequences on the economic situation of communes and their citizens ´quality of life”. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to ensure (to a higher degree than in the past) “a high quality of design and amenities for residential, mixed and commercial areas”. We should not forget how important it is to invest in social projects, in sports and recreation. The opportunities are there. If we do not act now, the natural area will be irretrievably lost to us and our children. Please, support this campaign by signing this petition!

Thank you for your support

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    Die Petition sowie Alternativ-Vorschlag wurden erfolgreich am 30.05.2018 an Herr Gels im Rathaus in der Anwesenheit von der Presse überreicht. Herr Gels hat die konstruktive Zusammenarbeit gewürdigt und bis spätestens Ende des Jahres weitere Pläne der Stadt zur gemeinsamen Diskussion angekündigt. Wir bedanken uns herzlich bei allen Unterstützern. Die Verfolgung des weiteren Verlaufs ist über OV-Zeitung jede Zeit möglich.
    Viel Kraft und Durchhaltevermögen
    Initiative Stukenborg

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