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Wir rufen alle Bürgerinnen und Bürger unserer freiheitlichen Gesellschaft in Deutschland auf, gegen die Flüchtlingsbetreuung durch die European Homecare GmbH sich aufzulehnen, die Flüchtlingsunterkünfte in ganz Deutschland betreibt und die Flüchtlinge menschenunwürdig behandelt. Vielmehr nutzt sie die verzweifelte Situation der Flüchtlinge für eigen Profit aus.


Als Beleg für diese menschenunwürdige Behandlung nennen wir eines von vielen Beispielen an, in dem wir die Schilderungen eines Flüchtlings aus dem Lager in Marburg-Cappel hier aufführen, der mit seinen Worten zum Ausdruck bringt, welche Erniedrigungen die Flüchtlinge dort durch Mitarbeiter von European Homecare erleben müssen:

Salam alaikum Brothers and Sisters, dear citicans of Germany, my name is Abu Mustapha. I am a refugee living in the refugee camp in Marburg-Cappel. We have fled from countries like Syria, in which are war, dictatorship, supressing people and other miseries. We all have come to Germany in the hope of a life in peace and security and to get arid of the traumata from the experieces in our homecountries. But we did not find peace in this camp and are confronted with supression again. The situation here is so much unsatisfied that one of us tried to commit sucied yesterday. The reason is a camp leader from Morocco called Jamal who scolds us, cries to us and punishes some of us again and again without any explanation. He has prohibited us to talk to people outside of the camp and sometimes he forces us to stay in our tends without any need. If one ask him, why he treads us refugees like this he does not answer. Instead he forces one to be quiet and threatens with expelling from Germany and deportation into our homecountries, if you continue ask him questions. He speaks to us in a way an armee officer speaks to his soldiers. He is working as camp leader here Marburg-Cappel as long as the most of us live here. Again and again he entrances our rooms and cries to us as if we were animals. There are no psychologists in the camp we could go to and tell about our terrible past and our soul problems. Even our religion we are not allowed to practise in the way we want. When one of us asked if he could use a room as Muslim Prayer Room the camp leader prohibited this. Besides we experienced that people working with us are not qualified to take care for refugees fled from war and terror. A few days ago I asked a Lebanese worker in our camp for his profession – the answer war hairdresser. Another refugee asked a woman also from Lebanon working here for her profession – her answer was architect. So I ask You as German citicans: Is it normal here in Your progressive country that hairdressers and architects are taking care for refugees? The Lebanese woman was also asked this question: Her answer was: For our company the only important thing is earning money. You refugees are dirt for them and humanity is a foreign word. Brothers and Sisters in Islam and citicans of the progressive democratic Germany standing up for human rights, I call you: Please visit our camp. Please see our misery here. Please help us poor and traumatised refugees to get arid of this terrible situation. Please, Please, Please ! God may honour You this a lot in heaven. Yours sincerly Abu Mustapha Camp Marburg-Cappel Tend Number 4

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Die Behandlung von Flüchtlingen durch EHC war schon desöfteren Thema in den Medien.

Every one of the refugees has a mobile phone which he or she carries all the time. They all have access to thze internet. How come, that there is no proof at all, no photo, no video of the mistreatment in the camp? Remember: No ordinary german citizen is allowed to enter the camp and see on his own. So if you want things to change, make them public by putting videos on-line and by talking to the press. The headquarters of Oberhessische Presse Marburg are just 15 minutes away from the camp in Cappel!

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