Samsung announced a new HDR10 + firmware update last year. Now claims Samsung after over the year waiting time, the HDR10 + with the SUHDTVS from the year 2016 is not compatible, since there are other specifications. Especially as this dies with very high probability only an excuse. For months, users ask for a firmware update and Samsung keeps covered. It is not legitimate to surround ourselves with customers like that.


Support this petition to make Samsung realize that we no longer liked customers as a customer. We want to watch TV with our expensive TVs without having to experience a picture printer. It can not be in time that a global company can not handle it. In the screenshot the Samsung HDR10 + firmware update is announced and no official statement will be made. Only in the Samsung Community the moderators did not create an HDR10 + update for the users.

Please support this petition. Many Thanks

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  • Eric Hamre , St Louis

    vor 1 Tag

    Because one of the deciding factors in me getting my KS8000 was that Samsung promised that HDR10+ was being developed and would be available for the KS8000.... now they're going back on that promise. My next TV will likely be a Sony or some other brand if this isn't resolved. I don't like companies that lie in order to get you to buy something and figure they're too big that it doesn't matter if they follow through on past promises or not.

  • vor 6 Tagen

    Possesseur du modèle 55KS7500 je voudrais que le constructeur Samsung nous fassent profiter de cette option HDR10+,c’est très important si Samsung nous oublie pour les modèles de 2016-> KS7500 à 9000 mon prochain achat tv j’irai voir la concurrence.

  • vor 8 Tagen

    Also bought a KS9000 TV and still waiting for this update.

  • Kyle Drew London, Ontario

    am 02.08.2018

    I own a KS8000 TV from 2016, and want the promised update to HDR10+. I don’t believe that Samsung should exculde us to try and get us to upgrade our TVs to newer models. We spent a lot of money on these TVs and want Samsung to support us!

  • am 01.08.2018

    I spent a lot of money on my TV and I would like support from the company as a promise

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